President & Chief Executive Officer

John Vizzuso currently holds the position of Chief Executive Officer for Radiology Associates of Canton, Inc. and Chief Operating Officer of RadHelp, LLC. Prior to joining Radiology Associates of Canton, John served as Senior Director of Radiology at a large hospital located in Cleveland, Ohio.

Previously, John served as Vice President of Cardiovascular and Imaging Services providing oversight for two nonprofit hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio. John lead cardiology, surgery and radiology divisions significantly increasing overall revenue that topped $400 million, while expanding services, capital procurement and enhanced physician-hospital relationships.

John has previous experiences as Chief Executive Officer of a large medical practice and medical billing consultation service, international business experience, started and developed over 25 businesses over a 25-year career. After attending Kent State University and becoming a radiology technologist, John continued on to complete a Bachelor Degree in Allied Health from Hiram College, a Master of Science Degree in Healthcare Management from California Coast University and a Doctorate Degree in Business Administration from Walden University.

John authored four books, The Leadership Edge (2001), The Difference (2004), Shared Sacrifice (2009) and EngageME: Will Leaders Listen? (2015).