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Will you be remembered as a hero or legend? Leadership itself is a sacrifice. Are you willing to sacrifice? In his collective series: The Leadership Edge, The Difference: Finding The Hero Within You, and most recently, Shared Sacrifice, John Vizzuso shares both personal and professional insight on a journey filled with passion, courage, integrity, and influence. Seeking to discover what that difference is, while inspiring others along the way. Explore the difference between legends and heroes and discover why heroes are always remembered and legends never die.

Once again, John Vizzuso pulls upon his experience as a business leader to write a book about being a strong leader and a sensitive human being. The follow up to The Leadership Edge, The Difference continues to explore the long and often difficult road one must take in order to become a good leader. Again, John gives a deeply moving insight into his own personal experiences to demonstrate how he discovered that it takes a lot more than just a degree to lead people. In The Difference: Finding the Hero Within You, John offers sincere advice on how to lead people well, cope with difficult situations within the business world and still maintain your self respect as a "real life hero."

Leadership-the process of ruling, guiding, or inspiring others. Although difficult to clearly define and containing multiple meanings, leadership is a choice. A clear cut decision to inspire people to achieve new heights. The Leadership Edge holds the insight to transform any manager into a motivating leader. A captivating book that leads you through the personal trails and tribulations of John Vizzuso and wisdom that is gained to provide a structured path to make a difference. Experience the difficult path and essential building blocks necessary for a successful leader. Through an extensive business career and personal heartache, a leader is transformed.

EngageMe: Will Leaders Listen? is a revealing and powerful journey of discovery. Dr. Vizzuso shares twenty years of experiences, ideas, and lessons, which have the power to transform employees and organizations to build strong employee-leader relationships. It identifies “organizational heroes, unethical leadership, and wayward friends to functionally explain employee engagement and the strategies necessary to succeed.” The subtext of EngageMe is that “engagement” is critical to both personal and professional lives. Organizations and employees will appreciate, understand, and relate to a new model of personal and professional engagement. Having articulated the problem, Dr. Vizzuso proceeds to offer specific advice, including concrete methodologies and practical recommendations to assess an organization's preparedness and correct its deficiencies. He illustrates, through real-life examples of events, how organizations succeeded or failed in their interaction with employees as well as the potential for such interactions to foster disengagement, thereby compromising patient experience and optimal institutional function and success.



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