Through a life time of experience, Dr. Vizzuso is able to offer a variety of engaging and empowering seminars to improve a company's employee performance.

I invite you to come to my seminar, I guarantee it will change your life.
- Dr. John Vizzuso


Employee Engagement Diagnosis Services

  • Employee Engagement Assessment
  • Senior Leadership and Board of Director Reviews
  • Implementation of Survey Tool
  • Survey Review and Results Audit
  • Expectation Audit Services

Employee Engagement Intervention Services

  • Employee Engagement Action Planning
  • Onsite Intervention and Training
  • Train the Trainer Sessions

Employee Engagement Consulting

  • Strategic Planning
  • Improvement Training
  • Cost Analysis
  • Customer Service Assessments

Business Consulting

Business Assessments

  • Joint Venture Evaluations
  • Business Plan Development
  • Operational Audits
  • Billing and Collection Audits
  • Information System Assessments

Organizational Development

  • Senior Leadership Mentoring
  • Session Planning
  • Communication Counseling
  • Corporate Culture Audits

Interim Management Services

  • On Site Interim Management Services
  • Corporate Wind Down Services
  • Operational Turnaround Services


Coming Soon!

Executive Coaching

Coaching Program for Leaders

  • Assess the leader's level of charisma.
  • Increase awareness of the leader's impact on others.
  • Learn to radiate confidence, power and optimism.
  • Increase interpersonal effectiveness.
  • Improve skills to build relationships and create rapport.
  • Get feedback from a professionally trained executive coach.
  • Determine which behaviors have the greatest potential to increase impact.
  • Create a development plan with specific exercises to increase charisma.

Here's How We'll Do It:

  • Leader works with one-on-one with an executive coach. The coach uses an assessment that will help identify leader's level of charisma.
  • Leader completes a 360 assessment that will identify other's perceptions.
  • Coach and Leader will identify which behaviors to focus on.
  • Leader meets with coach once a week either live or via conference call. Leader will work on key behaviors that will increase effectiveness in high-priority areas.
  • The program is a 3 month course but can be adapted to meet the participant's needs.
  • At the conclusion of the program, we will reassess progress and build a long-term development plan.

Continuing Education Services

Credentialed CEU Courses

EngageME: Will Leaders Listen?

  • Allied Health Workers 8 CEU Hours
  • Radiology Technologists 8 CEU Hours
  • Social Workers 8 CEU Hours
  • Veterinarians 8 RACE Hours
  • Administrator Nursing Home 8 NAB Hours
  • Dental Hygenist 8 CEU Hours
  • Human Resource Personnel 8 CEU Hours